Our agency

GMG RE is a brand that was founded in 2012 to integrate over 20 years of experience in the field of real estate brokerage and credit with a modern conception and in line with the times of the activity of the real estate consultant and we are specialized in:

Property Finder - The Property Finder is the Real Estate Consultant specialized in finding properties for clients from whom he has received an unilateral trustee mandate, becoming his "Personal Shopper". As consultant he evaluates factors such as price, area and related services, looking for the property that match to the needs of the client, researches carried out with specially designed software and for the exclusive use of Property Finder and, with the use of MLS, real estate sharing platform used both from Property Finders and Seller Agents to ensure that supply and demand cross each other. This activity allows the customer not to spend time in the selection of properties and to have a qualified consultant chosen to protect their interests in buying their own home instead of finding a Real Estate Agent imposed by the market. Qualifying Client, Client Analysis, Financial Support and Qualifying Property services are implicit.

Rent to Buy Agency - GMG RE is a Rent to Buy Point, franchise holder in the province of Como of Rent to Buy Consulting and is in possession of the Know-How necessary to allow those who wish to buy and / or sell with this new formula of buying and selling imported from the USA in 2009 and consisting of a preparatory program for the purchase and not a payment in installments like the rent to redemption. GMG RE offers advice on both the original Rent to Buy and the Rent to Buy Act 164/214 Art. 23.

Listing Agent - The Listing Agent is the real estate consultant that allows the owner of a property, intended for sale, to get the best results, avoiding the depreciation of the property itself. The Listing Agent invests time and economic resources by providing the necessary added value, by carrying out actions aimed at achieving the objective pursued, such as: Home Staging, Correct positioning of the market offer after a careful study of competing offers, Rent to Buy, Property Sharing, Advanced Web Marketing, Qualifying Property, Technical Support, Client Analysis and more.

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