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Rent to Buy

What's Rent to Buy?

Rent to Buy, the most modern, brilliant and advantageous method of buying and selling real estate. The Rent to Buy Scheme, or the scheme of the lease to purchase is a brilliant method of buying and selling real estates from the Anglo-Saxon countries that Andrea Russo, a Verona professional, pioneered in Italy at the beginning of 2009. By now it is clearly recognized as the ideal solution to reduce the liquidity threshold necessary to buy a home, avoiding the use of a 100% mortgage, very expensive and difficult to obtain. The Rent to Buy, contrary to what many think, is not a contract, but a method of buying and selling that produces powerful financial levers, such as to reduce the percentage amount of the loan to be requested and, consequently, such to save a lot of interest on financing. Rent to Buy is a purchase preparation program that allows you to immediately enter the chosen dwelling, first in rent (rent) and then in full ownership (buy), upon conclusion of the purchase process that will end within the agreed period (usually 3 years) at a price agreed and blocked today. Returning the notarial deed and, consequently, the ignition of the mortgage, you get 4 important benefits:

  • the possibility, for the buyer, to create a "credit history", aimed at improving its rating (score) to obtain the mortgage more easily and at the best market conditions (not only in terms of spreads but also in terms of accessory costs);
  • the creation of a "first leverage effect" by which the buyer, by paying monthly to the seller (builder or private) an amount equivalent to a normal rent, he sees a part set aside as an advance on the price, thus raising his initial deposit without weighing down the family budget;
  • the creation of a "second leverage effect", deriving from the postponement of all the costs and taxes relating to the loan and the notarial deed;
  • a "trial period" during which, if you change your needs, you can sell the property to a third party with the simple transfer of your contracts, thus avoiding all the costs of the deed and maybe even get a small profit!

To fully understand the functioning of the Rent to Buy method of sale, we invite you to view the contents of the website, where the two different types of contracts are perfectly explained, with practical examples.

Giuseppe Mariano Greco, owner of the GMG Real Estate Agency, has chosen to become part of Rent to Buy Consulting, the network of Rent-to-Buy Specialists led by Andrea Russo, mentor of Rent to Buy in Italy and maximum expert at the national level. Thanks to the affiliation of Giuseppe Mariano Greco to the network of Rent-to-Buy Specialists, the GMG Real Estate Agency, is able to offer an absolutely unique and complete consulting service to all of its Customers who intend to buy or sell a property using in the maximum security and tranquility of the modern Rent to Buy methodology.